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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my little spot in the ether of cyber-space...I have recently had quite a few changes transpire in my life so I have re-vamped these pages to try to reflect the new "ME". For you folks who come here to view Maryland and Delaware Eastern Shore history and genealogy, those pages have not changed much - they remain jam-packed filled with information as before. One significant change there, however, is the introduction of my new book - Adam Hitch (1658-1731) of Old Somerset in ye Province of Maryland - His Descendants. It's the culmination of many years of my research into my Hitch roots. The book features more than 730 pages of information with over 150 photos and illustrations. THE BOOK IS READY - see more details and how to purchase by clicking on the 'Hitch Book' link to the left!

I have also added two new areas to these pages - Running and Artwork. These have become new passions of mine over the past several years. Running has gotten me in the best shape of my life and I share some of my personal accomplishments and other information on the sport there. Finally, I have recently taken up watercolor painting....Art has been a long-dormant passion of mine that I have rediscovered very recently. Herein, I share some of my work and pursuits in this area.

Again, WELCOME and enjoy your time here!




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Page last updated: Friday, August 17, 2007