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Last Update: 08/19/2005 10:03 AM

On this page, you can view my Hitch Family Newsletter (HFN). I have been publishing the HFN since August 1994. I sent the original issue out to about 550 families in the U.S. with surname HITCH in hopes of soliciting family information. I also indicated that I intended to publish HFN and send it our for free to anyone interested in its contents, but that I need to hear back from people who were truly interested in receiving the quarterly publication. I got back an affirmative response from about 120 families. In addition, because of the newsletter, I have collected over 4,200 pages of family facts, anecdotes, photographs, etc. from all over the U.S.  Today, the HFN is still free and the subscriber list numbers about 200. It has received excellent reviews and I provide an edited version here for all to see. (Please note that the issues are presented just as they were issued. Earlier versions may contain some errors that were corrected in later newsletters. I have tried to note such areas in the affect articles.) As always, I invite comments and critiques via E-Mail at: mikehitch@mikehitch.com.

Note that all newsletters are copyrighted - use by non-commercial entities is allowed for non-commercial purposes only - all other use prohibited.

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