Eastern Shore Virtual Cemeteries

On the pages below, you will be transported to an on-line cemetery on the Eastern Shore.  They may be the first "virtual" cemeteries on the Internet!  The pages are set-up where you can take a "stroll" around a cemetery on a graphical depiction or "map" and "click" on a gravestone to see it's picture.  Below each cemetery's map is a table of all the graves in that cemetery.  You can use "Key Numbers" in the table to cross-reference with the numbers in the associated map.  You can also access the gravestone pictures by clicking the Key Numbers in the tables.  I welcome feedback on this project - just E-Mail me at mikehitch@mikehitch.com.   I will be adding more cemeteries in the days and weeks to come.  THANKS & ENJOY!

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ZionCemetery.gif (89054 bytes)  Zion Church Cemetery, Worcester County, Maryland

Brownlayout.gif (4074 bytes) Brown Family Cemetery, Worcester County, Maryland

vinclayout.gif (2561 bytes) Vincent Family Cemetery, Worcester County, Maryland


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